A Baronet and A Ghost is another small game made in Bitsy (A little editor for little worlds or games) where you are now a ghost living in a castle. A mysterious baronet comes to your door one day with a deal. Will you take it or no? 

This game was made for the Castle and Ruins Bitsy Jam and was made super late as I didn't know it was on until like 2 days ago! So around two days of work yet again this time -though the game is much shorter. Thank you to Adam Le Doux for making Bitsy and the jam and I hope you enjoy this small game.

You can't date a moth again sorry.  There are three different endings so try and find them all.

And that's it! Please enjoy my game and feel free to leave criticism for how I can improve in the comments and if there are any bugs. Bye!

- DrowniAce

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